Bangladesh Oral Cancer Society

Commited to Oral Cancer Care | Established: 2006

About Us

Bangladesh Oral Cancer Society (BOCS), a registered organization, has been stablished in 2006. Since then it is working for the prevention, early diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of oral cancer patients.


The objectives of the Bangladesh Oral Cancer Society (BOCS) are centered around addressing the challenges posed by oral cancer in Bangladesh and working towards its prevention, early detection, treatment, and support for patients. While specific objectives may vary, here are some common objectives pursued by oral cancer societies:


1.Awareness and Education: The BOCS aims to raise awareness about oral cancer among the general population, healthcare professionals, policymakers, and other stakeholders. It focuses on educating individuals about the risk factors, signs, symptoms, and preventive measures related to oral cancer. This includes organizing awareness campaigns, workshops, seminars, and distributing informational materials.


2.Prevention and Risk Reduction: The society emphasizes the importance of prevention and risk reduction strategies for oral cancer. It promotes initiatives to discourage tobacco and betel nut use, reduce alcohol consumption, and improve oral hygiene practices. 


3.Early Detection and Screening: Early detection of oral cancer significantly improves treatment outcomes. The BOCS aims to increase access to oral cancer screening programs and facilitate early diagnosis through collaborations with healthcare institutions, conducting screening camps, and training healthcare professionals in oral cancer examination techniques.


4.Treatment and Rehabilitation: The society seeks to improve the quality of treatment and rehabilitation services for oral cancer patients. This includes advocating for affordable and accessible treatment options, promoting multidisciplinary approaches to care, supporting research for innovative treatment methods, and facilitating the availability of supportive care services.


5.Support and Counseling: The BOCS recognizes the emotional, psychological, and social challenges faced by oral cancer patients and their families. It strives to provide support through counseling services, support groups, and connecting patients with resources for financial assistance, rehabilitation, and psychosocial support.


6.Research and Collaboration: The society promotes research initiatives related to oral cancer, encouraging scientific studies, and sharing knowledge and findings through publications and conferences. It fosters collaboration among researchers, healthcare professionals, and institutions to advance the understanding of oral cancer, its causes, treatment modalities, and outcomes.


7.Professional Development: The society aims to enhance the knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals involved in oral cancer care. It organizes training programs, workshops, and conferences to update healthcare professionals on the latest advancements, treatment guidelines, and best practices in oral cancer management.


Overall, the objectives of the Bangladesh Oral Cancer Society encompass awareness, prevention, early detection, treatment, support, research, advocacy, and professional development. By pursuing these objectives, the society strives to reduce the incidence and impact of oral cancer in Bangladesh and improve the overall well-being of oral cancer patients and their families.


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